How to Write a Speech in a Story

Tips for Effective Speech Writing

When students come across any assignment, there’s always a fear of failure. This is most certainly because everything you write in your paper is examined, hence the panic whenever allocated a task. It doesn’t get easier when they are assigned to write a dialogue story. Quite honestly, many students don’t know how to study several information sources to grasp what they are expected to do fully. Below are some effective tips that can help you write an outstanding speech:

  • Quotations marks
  • Each speaker, new paragraph
  • Identifying speakers
  • Speech tags usage
  • Purposeful dialogue
  • Captioning realness


The greatest rule in speech writing is to use the symbol (“) commonly referred to as speech marks. How can anyone identify what’s spoken and that which is not spoken unless by using them? Certainly, this would be impossible, and you must incorporate them when quoting characters in your story.

Speaker paragraphing 

Whenever you introduce a new speaker, be sure to have that conversation in a new paragraph altogether. This should be regardless of how short or long they speak. By doing so, the reader can flow with the conversation smoothly and identify each character and their roles.

Speaker identification

As the characters are talking, be sure to capture everything, including their body cues. You could, for example, say, “laughs hysterically, or looks surprised.” This way, anyone reading the dialogue can engage with the characters by forming an image of the real scenario.

Speech tags

For creativity, and to make your story much more exciting to read, avoid using speech tags at the end of the sentences as it gets too monotonous for a reader. Instead, find creative ways to skillfully incorporate them in the middle or even at the beginning of a conversation. Note that the trick is to mash up the ideas while avoiding monotonous speech tags.

Purposeful dialogue

Don’t just have your characters talk without direction. Rather, let them follow a script of how the conversation should flow. This will prove helpful in how you write their speech. Please note that it can be very hectic to caption what people say if everything is thrown all over. Therefore, your dialogue should reveal the characters appropriately.

Real dialogue

Ever read a story or watched a movie but failed to feel part of it? You bet the answer is a yes; many times. There’s just too much fiction nowadays that you end up losing interest in a subject topic, whether written, scripted, or acted. When writing a story between different people conversing, you must caption every small detail, including words like “um, huh” as they add life and realness to the story.


As a student, sometimes it’s easy for a person to beat themselves due to fear and panic. Still, the key to overcoming any challenge is to practice and practice more until you gain confidence and perfection to do something. Hence, study the above speech writing tips, and you have a sure bet to excel when writing your dialogue story.

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