Learn the Conventions of Speech Writing Here

Understand The Conventions of Speech Writing

Do you know what conventions of speech writing mean? As a student of art, you have to know what is meant by conventions of speech writing. You will find it so common in your assignments and tests. If you are taking other courses, you will meet this term in your language assignment.

Conventions of speech enhance the clarity of written work. It also makes your work easy to understand.

A clear and concise work is exciting. It arouses the feelings of your readers. They will also understand your content instantly. People always avoid wasting time, even in reading.

Conventions of speech have specific rules and guidelines. You may find this tricky when starting. With enough practice and study, you will soon understand all of them and use them correctly.

What Are the Conventions of Speech Writing?

These writing conventions, as said, simplify your work. They also give your work more clarity. Below are some of the conventions of writing the best speech if you start using them immediately.

  • Use the correct orthography of words.

You connect your words to form sentences. You combine the sentences to form paragraphs. Lastly, you join the sections to create the whole document. Any person reading a paper with lousy spelling will discontinue. People hate to see incorrect spelling. Correct spelling will ensure your speech writing is understandable and clear.

  • Use punctuation marks correctly in your document.

Punctuation helps you to read and understand what you are reading. Without punctuation, there would be no reading. Place your commas and full-stops where necessary. Start all your sentences with a capital sign. Names of proper nouns also start with capital signs. Use quotation marks to write voices in their active form. Punctuation in writing is similar to your pausing in speech. Nobody talks non-stop, do you?

  • You have to use the correct grammar in your writing.

Every language has its structure to be followed. The design helps you as a reader to understand what is being conveyed. Without correct grammar, there is no language. Correct grammar is an essential vital convention of speech writing. Make sure your grammar is understandable.

Correct grammar involves writing valid formats of sentences. The sentences should form paragraphs that are exhaustive of the main idea in a section. Choose words wisely and make them uniform to covey your information correctly.

Using Conventions of Speech Writing

You have learned the conventions of speech writing. Now here you will learn how can use them to write your speech. Structure your speech as follows;

  1. Have a powerful introduction that holds the attention of your reader instantly. Start your writing with an engaging story that arouses the interest of your readers. It is best if you grab their total attention.
  2. Have an excellent and smooth flowing body. The body of your writing should convey your message step by step. Start from the most straightforward concepts to the complex concepts. Each idea must be explained fully before entering the next. Introduce challenges and give their solutions.
  3. Have a conclusion that summarizes all your points. It is best if the summary covers all the arguments you stated on the body. Make your summary unforgettable.

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