Tips on How to Write a Convincing Graduate School Admission Essay

The Requirements When Applying for Graduate School

As a student, when writing your graduate school admission letter, there are a few things you need to put in mind. First of all, do not panic. Writing your application is not difficult, as most people tend to think. It's like writing a standard essay. You should know that; the admission committee is not looking for stunts. They want students who are:

  1. Passionate
  2. Motivated
  3. Prepared
  4. Self-driven

When applying, you must be ready to hit the ground running. Below are some guidelines you need to follow when composing your application essay.

Understand the Requirements

This is always the first step before you even begin writing the admission essay. Never make any assumptions. In most cases, the institution may ask you to submit an application essay without further instructions. In rare cases, an institution will provide you with all the guidelines you need to follow. They give you details on:

  • The structure to apply
  • The required word count
  • The formatting guidelines to apply

Take some time and go through these guidelines and make a good plan for your essay. The guidelines will help you compose a persuasive essay that will be compelling to the admission committee.

Please Give it a Personal Touch

The essay you write should be about you. In some cases, the institution will require you to write your application essay based on the area you have majored on. Nevertheless, the personal statement you include must always be about you in person. The issues you articulate in your essay must be related to the previous experiences you have encountered. For instance, you may include a statistic about the child mortality rate in an African country. This statistic made you work with an NGO that provides food and nutrition guidelines to the less fortunate children in that country.

Use Anecdotes

When applying for graduate school admission, most students include short stories about themselves from the time they joined the school. This makes some sense since the anecdote shows you progress since childhood. However, including accounts since childhood is very wrong. It would be best if you understood that a graduate program requires professionalism. You should only include experiences from the day you began college studies. If you must use childhood experiences, write them in the conclusion paragraph.

Understand the Program you are Applying for

Students don't understand that the graduate programs look for the most suited applicant rather than the highly qualified one. Among all the applications they receive, everyone will have met the minimum requirements. Still, they will pick students who are more enthusiastic and understand the program better and disregard the student with high scores and don't know the plan.

Finish Strongly

Conclude by showing the committee why you chose the school. Remember, it doesn't mean the graduate program is your only choice. You should include your vision. Give about five years. Let the admission committee understand how badly you want to achieve your vision and how it will help you realize this vision.

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